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Shortly after I began writing daily devotionals, God inspired me to write music.

I knew it was His inspiration because I don’t read music and I certainly had never written any. I play guitar passably and there is nothing outstanding about my voice. Miraculously, since 2014, He has allowed me to release 33 songs. More are coming too!

One of the greatest blessings about making music is how God blended and showcase the talents of others. Many of the songs include writing, performances, photography and videography by my children and others. For example, my son Jon co-wrote and sings in “Blessed Liberty.” He is an AH-64 Apache pilot on active duty in South Korea. He also shot the beach video for “I’ll Fly Away” and recorded the male harmonies for several of the other songs. My daughter Sara shot the photo for the cover for “Abide With Me.” My daughter Grace has also contributed to lyrics and harmonies on over half the songs. Most recently, her husband Jake recorded with us on “We Need A Silent Night.” An active duty soldier I met hiking in the woods, Julia, contributed on three songs, adding her beautifully haunting harmonies to songs 

like “How Great Thou Art. ” One of my dearest childhood friends, Tracy, did the photography and design for many of the covers and also the video footage and editing for almost all of our music videos. It’s such fun!!

Although all the music is Christian, the genre varies widely. I love all kinds of music and I’m amazed at how God puts it all together. It is what God does—He takes our small gifts and multiplies them into big blessings!

The music is recorded in Northwest Arkansas with a very talented musician, Jacob Paul. His studio, InsideOut Studio, is in Farmington, Arkansas @insideoutNWA. All our music is available on this website, as well as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora and all other music platforms.


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