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 A Boutique designed to give foster kids the much needed love and attention they deserve by providing free access to clothing, shoes, personal items, age appropriate Bibles, backpacks/suitcases, hygiene items and anything else a child would need. The State stipend for these items is less than $300 a year. Our community wants these beautiful children to know they are loved.

What is Fostering By Faith?

We’re neither a for-profit or non-profit organization. We are just people helping children who have very little to no support.

The boutique is located in Houston and is run by Joy Hinkle, community volunteers and the staff of the law offices of Kimberly Lowe. We currently have two locations for donation drop offs – 219 N. Grand, Houston, Missouri and 107 N. Benton, Waynesville, Missouri.

The Boutique is currently located at  122 West Walnut Street in Houston, Missouri, but we’re excited to announce that we’re expanding our space and will soon be relocated to the top floor of 291 N. Grand.

What can you do to help?

There are three ways that you can get involved with helping us provide for the many foster kids and their families. You can help by volunteering, giving slightly used and new items or monetary donations.

~If you would like to partner with a financial donation please select donation button below. Remember we are not a 501(c)(3) so if you want to write off your donation, you should work through your church to do so. For example, a bank recently gave my church a $1,000 donation and I went shopping with the church personnel and bought much needed boys shoes. 

~If you would like to volunteer, give Joy a call at 417-766-1600.

~To drop off items see our drop off locations above, Monday – Thursday 8 am to 4 pm. 


We are currently in the process of renovating a space that will be our new Boutique location. We are looking for volunteers and donations of materials to make this happen. If you would like to volunteer please contact Jim McNiell. See our facebook page for materials needed or contact Joy Hinkle

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