As my relationship with God became closer, He taught me that the key to possessing the strength of His love was in the surrender of my heart. The song was born from the experience.



Love, as He loved. Give, as He gave
Sacrifice, instead of take; and, surrender, becomes strength
Weakness made so strong; there’s no doubt where we belong
Fear cast aside, The Almighty by our side
I Surrender
I Surrender to His love
I’ll Surrender
Oh, Surrender to His love
Seek, and you will find; forget, what’s left behind
Walk, in new life; and He will free your mind
Freedom was never free; He gave so willingly
He surrendered to the grave; our eternal souls to save

I Surrender; (Surrender)
Oh Surrender to His love
I’ll Surrender
Just Surrender to His love


Oh, take His hand; He’ll lead you to the Promised Land
You’ll no longer stand; alone in shifting sand

CHORUS and repeat

I Surrender (Only with you, only with you)
I Surrender (Bring me to life, bring me to life)
I Surrender, (Freeing my mind, freeing my mind, only with you, only with you)
Just Surrender, (Bring me to life, bring me to life)

Heart of stone, don’t hesitate
Surrender to His love, just Surrender


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