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Do you have questions about life and your purpose? 

We all want answers to the big questions in life like, “What is my purpose,” and “Why does my life matter?” We answer those questions based upon three primary poles of influence: 1. Biblical Christianity; 2. Secular humanism; or, 3. The buffet option (a mix of the two). 

In my quest to answer the BIG questions of life, I have asked God to show me HIS answers from HIS Word. My prayer is the that the answers He has given me will also help you.

Basic Bible Concepts

This study is one of the most excellent resources I’ve ever found to teach the basics of Biblical Christianity – kind of like learning basic arithmetic before you learn calculus. There are nine videos in this study – each is short enough to watch easily.  And, if you are interested in having a written outline for each concept, please reach out to us by email and we will give you access to it!

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A Simple Reason To Believe in God?

FAQ - How To Believe in God
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More Resources

Mission Boulevard Baptist Church has great additional resources for anyone who is interested in diving deeper into God’s Word.

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