Learning To Distinguish Our Desires From God’s Plan by Kimberly Faith and Grace Edwards

Just off the coast of North Carolina lie barrier islands made up of sand bars. All along the barrier islands you will find lighthouses strategically located to warn mariners of the treacherous waters and dangerous sandbars. The huge, flashing lights stand as guardians that were especially essential for navigation of ships prior to the advanced technology of today.

Throughout the islands, there are old stories of how land pirates would tie a lantern to the neck of an old horse and lead it around the taller dunes. Their intention was to mimic the light from an anchored ship or that of the lighthouse. For the weary Captain at sea traveling through unfamiliar waters, these signals could easily confuse and distract him from his original route. The incorrect interpretation of the signal and his inability to distinguish the truth would cause him to re-plot his course. Based on the bad information, the Captain would find himself running aground on the dangerous shoals and at the mercy of the land pirates. Much like the well-meaning captain, sometimes it is tough to distinguish our distracting desires from God’s plan. 

Thankfully, God gives us the wisdom to know the difference. 

His wisdom is in His Word and it illuminates reality so we can live spiritually enlightened instead of deluded by lies.

I represent many drug addicts and alcoholics who have a very literal understanding of this struggle. However, we all have desires that delude and imprison us. ANY desire, whether it be—power, relationships, money, beauty, pleasure, success—that becomes our god—cuts us off from the best blessings God has prepared for us and can cause us to get “stuck on the shoals”. This is the enemy’s plan!

Our three enemies are constantly seeking to destroy us. They send confusing signals and create a reality that doesn’t exist. They promise a fairy tale while planning to crush us. By the time reality hits us, we find ourselves stuck fast in the sand or drowning in the waves of our misguided desire. 

My friend there is only ONE desire that will perfectly satisfy us and make us freer than we have ever been: Our desire for God.

God knows our deepest desires and has planned blessings beyond our imagination.

So, how do we learn to discern between wrong desires and right desires? 

Simple: God’s Word. 

God’s Word gives us the truth; and a relationship with Him gives us the sense to follow it. Any addiction—except for a relationship with God—will crush us. Loving God above all else, frees us and fills our deepest desires. 

When God is our GREATEST desire, He satisfies us “far more abundantly than all that we ask or think.”(Ephesians‬ 3:20‬)

We would love to hear your thoughts about this devotional. Did God speak to you or challenge your daily walk with him? Or is there a topic that you would like Kimberly to cover or expound on? Please share with us in the comments below.

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  1. omg this reminded me of why I have to put him above all else! n not to get stuck loving the things of the world so much that it becomes my focus, it’s just stuff! man I’m overly tired of getting stuck, but what I am truly grateful for is the fact that he’s always no matter where I’m at in my life, THANK GOD he loves me, bcuz what I know is…once I revert back to him…that’s when I starting using the power he gave me to fight the devil n nor be afraid, n he also gives me the courage to say NO! I REFUSE TO LET U DEVIL DESTROY ME ANY LONGER!

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