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Prayer To Heal Relationships by Grace Edwards

This is a photo I took of Rough Creek in Colorado, behind our family’s cabin. This beautiful creek is constantly rerouting due to obstructions by huge creek rocks.

God has been teaching me about prayer.

When I think about that statement, I feel like a kindergartener announcing that their basic math lessons qualify as pre-accounting. I have SO much to learn on the subject of prayer.

The first step in communicating with someone you love and having a strong relationship with is to make sure there is nothing you have done to prevent the flow of communication. As a child, when you disobeyed your parent, that disobedience needed to be acknowledged and dealt with before you could effectively move forward in your relationship. The same rule applies to adult relationships–if you have broken fellowship with a person by violating the rules of the relationship, you must address the violation before moving forward with the relationship.

In Psalm 51, David calls upon God to forgive him for his sin with Bathsheba after being confronted by Nathan the prophet. In reflecting on the confrontation, it struck me as odd that Nathan the prophet had to spell it out to David: “Thou art the man.” (2 Samuel 12:7) At the time of the confrontation, numerous people had been dragged into David’s adultery and coverup attempt. It was no secret. My thought would be that as soon as I heard that God’s man (Nathan the prophet) was coming, my guilt would get the best of me and I would confess; but Nathan had to spell David’s sin out for him.

If David, the king of God’s chosen people and a man after God’s own heart, could fail to recognize the sin Nathan the prophet was describing in his apologue, how much more likely are we to fail to identify our own sins?

And what about those sins that seem little to us but are still crimes against the nature of God?

This demonstrates the importance of being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and asking God to show us our secret sins. Psalm 19:12 says, 

“Who can understand his errors or omissions? Acquit me of hidden (unconscious, unintended) faults.”

My challenge for today is to spend some time asking God to reveal whatever boulders in my heart are impeding the flow of communication with Him. I don’t want anything between us!

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Grace Edwards, BSN, RN, CEN

Guest Author

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