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How My Flabby Arms Helped Strengthen My Faith

Staying fit after 50 isn’t easy. If I go very long without a resistance and strength workout, I first notice the muscle atrophy in my arms. When I wave, my arms wave back at me. Ugh! And it happens even faster if I compound laziness with weeks of eating unhealthy food—especially anything with refined sugar and white flour. But…

…my physical fitness is actually one of the best motivators for my spiritual fitness. 

When I’m physically fit—I LIKE how my body feels, looks, and functions. 

When I’m spiritually fit—I LOVE how my soul feels, looks, and functions.

I don’t expect my physical fitness to produce Olympic results because that would be silly at my age. However, I DO expect that great spiritual fitness makes an ordinary person (like me)—part of a legendary and eternal story! When we are filled with the Spirit of God and constantly fueling on His Word—we are supernaturally empowered. The good we do will be retold throughout eternity. The people we helped to find Christ and to build a relationship with Him…will be there to remember. 

When God writes our story, it is powerful and—and will be remembered. 

If your faith in God seems weak, ask yourself: “Am I working-out my faith in God? The old saying “no pain no gain,” applies to our spiritual growth just like it does to building muscle mass. Each decision we make during the day either grows our faith in God or—weakens it. There is no in-between. But if we never get off the couch or quit eating the twinkies—we will stay flabby. It’s a daily challenge for each of us. Each morning when I get up a little earlier to spend time with God instead of sleep in—it’s a win for my spiritual strength. Every evening when I decide to put the remote control away and dig into God’s Word or spend time encouraging or being encouraged by others—it’s a win for my spiritual health. Each day I dedicate myself to ask God to show me His path and guide what I say and do…I build spiritual muscle mass. 

“Seek the Lord and His strength; Seek His face evermore! Honor and majesty are before Him; Strength and gladness are in His place.”

I Chronicles‬ ‭16:11, 27‬

Our greatest strength is manifested when our greatest faith is in God. We develop faith in God by living in His presence. As we experience God’s presence, our story bursts with miracles. We begin to love the adventure of not knowing what is around the corner. I love it when God leads me to step off into what looks like an abyss. It’s in those times that I discover—a bridge I couldn’t see, or wings I never knew I had. 

Strong faith in God enables us to live like God WILL do the impossible!

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  1. I love reading all of your devotions, but some really hit home, like this one. Thank you for sharing these, Kim.

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